- REINHOLD MESSNER used the Parawings for his Antarctica crossing
  with ARVED FUCHS in 1989/90
  and for his "Greenland-Längsdiagonale" with his brother HUBERT in 1993
- BØRGE OUSLAND was happy about the Parawings being a big aid for his Antarctica crossing completeley alone in 1996/7.
 Having a good wind and the big sail he managed on a 16h day 226 km!
He also used the Parawings for his Southern patagonia icecap traverse in 2003 with THOMAS ULRICH.
- RONNY FINSÅS went to the South Pole in 2003/04 with the help of Parawings and kites.
His next expedition to the South Pole will be in 2004/05 with Sharifa, a woman of Malaysia, and the support of Parawings.